The opening ceremony of Co-Program “Marketing Management”


The opening ceremony of the international co-program of Tsinghua University and WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) from Austria was held in Room 202, Shunde Building on March 30th. The project centers with the 12-day “Marketing Management” course given by professors from WU which will be participated by 22 students from WU and 14 undergraduates from Tsinghua SEM.

After the opening ceremony, the students from Austria and China developed acquaintance, mutual understanding and friendship through interacting games, singing and self-introductions.The “Marketing Management” course will be elaborated through five topics – “Market Research”, “Market Selection and Entry”, “Product Policy”, “Distribution and Pricing” and “Communication”, supplemented by lectures and panel discussions which will last for 12 days. It is a course aiming at cultivating a modern marketing management concept and improving understanding of the knowledge through simulated case practices for the undergraduate students.

This co-program course was held in 2010 and 2011 as well. In addition to the regular lectures, opening ceremony, cultural evening and closing ceremony are also designed and implemented, which were welcomed by the students from the two parties.